A Quick Bit about Slow Lorises and Me

The slow loris is an endangered primate species who call the rainforests of Southeast Asia their home. I’m an unfit, cigarette scarred goon from Kent hoping to do a little bit to ensure they stay there.

On October 28th I will be competing in London’s Run to the Beat half-marathon. Before then, I aim to raise as much funding and awareness as possible for our fluffy little friends over in Thailand, Indonesia, et al.

Over the coming months I’ll be using this blog space as my online base for all things slow loris and running related, which will hopefully provoke a smile or two, open a few eyes, and make my target here of £250 seem paltry: http://www.justgiving.com/philreeks

Donations via the above page are hugely appreciated, no matter big or small. Alternatively, you can text ‘LORI51’ to 70070, followed by the ‘£’ symbol and amount.

Thanks for visiting.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Bit about Slow Lorises and Me

  1. Hi Phil

    Just like yourself I have become obsessed in trying to raise awareness of the cruelty these beautiful animals face and trying to stop these horrible videos on youtube ever since watching the Gremlins of Java. I think what you are doing is awesome and if I was still in the UK in October I would totally join you. I will however try and find a half marathon in Toronto and follow your lead. Lets spread the word!!!! (By the way, I can totally feel your pain. Just quick smokes and started running myself).

    Good luck buddy and I will try and share this with everyone to get more donations in!


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