28 Days Beforehand

My own personal battleground in the fight to save lorises

13.1 miles. I couldn’t do 1.1 when I started.

So… Five months since I signed up and the time has flown by. On many occasions I have doubted myself and my ability to finish this run, but with a little under a month left I am satisfied in saying I finally do feel like a long-distance runner.

Already it has been quite an adventure. From helping out at WOMAD to sitting at the bar with Forrest in Denmark, any low points have easily been bettered by the high ones. Currently I am comfortably running around eight miles, with my training consisting of one long run per week, plus one or two smaller ones in order to minimise injury risk. At present pace I am on the borderline of what could be considered a very good time, at the worst respectable.

What that border (or indeed target) is I’m going to keep quiet about, but in order to hopefully err more on the ‘good’ side I have not just quit smoking but [drumroll]… Alcohol. Or at least from October 1st I will be. Not to sound like an alcoholic, but having gone to uni, been backpacking twice and being at football most weeks (clue: they’re on the map), that is a fairly big deal for me. Although a temporary measure, it should ensure that I’m at peak fitness when the 28th arrives. Also as an added bonus, this will mean my girlfriend has to double her donation. Which brings me on to my next point…

A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has donated so far. After setting my initial target as £250, to sit on almost £500 this far in advance is truly humbling. No matter how big or small the amount, seeing an email titled ‘Someone’s made a donation on your page‘ in my inbox always brings a smile to my face (and also Forrest’s). Rest assured that all funds will be used in the best possible way in the ongoing fight to help save the slow loris.

Having been advised not to train up to the full thirteen (point one, that could make all the difference) miles, my next goal personal goal is to work up to around eleven whilst taking in as many hills as possible; if you can handle them, then it makes the flatter parts all the easier. I will also be taking on a more loris like diet with lots of fruit, carbs and proteins, obviously taking care to avoid such things as bugs and reptiles along the way. I’m not doing that raw egg thing either, sorry.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this site for Forrest’s final diary entry, whilst I myself will check in once or twice before the big day. The finish line is most definitely in sight.


Forrest on Tour

To celebrate Loris Awareness Week beginning next Monday, I recently took some time out from training to take Forrest on holiday to Denmark and Sweden. Although we unsurprisingly drew some strange looks, an interested few did ask some questions and so we were able to spread the word a little more…

A full update will follow soon. The big day of October 28th is seemingly coming around very quickly, hopefully by then I’ll be more than ready and thanks to your kind donations we’ll have passed the target of £500.00.